19 September 2017

The EDF Group launches Agregio, an aggregator to help electricity producers and businesses

The EDF Group is launching its new subsidiary Agregio, in order to help electricity producers who create renewable energy and businesses who can adapt their patterns of consumption to make use of it. Thanks to Agregio clients can make optimal use of the market for electricity.

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The EDF Group launches Agregio, an aggregator to help electricity producers and businesses.

Press release of 19 September 2017 

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About Agregio

As power systems and markets become more and more decentralized, producers, grid system operators, storage assets managers and industrial and tertiary consumers require a partner that is able to sustainably secure their income and develop the full potential of their energy assets. With a portfolio of more than 4 GW under contract for 2021, Agregio is a major aggregator in France. The company optimizes renewable energy generation, demand response and storage assets’ flexibilities. Agregio’s virtual power plant is an innovative and responsive piece of technology. The company draws on its comprehensive knowledge of the electricity markets and expertise in the optimization of energy assets across all market mechanisms: energy markets (day ahead, intraday and futures), capacity mechanism, balancing mechanism, manual frequency restoration reserve, demand-side response TSO tenders, ancillary services (frequency containment reserve and automatic frequency restoration reserve), guarantees of origin and more. In this way, Agregio supports the energy transition through innovative, tailored solutions and technologies that help tackle new challenges in local energy management. www.agregio.com

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