Bridging the gap between you and the energy markets our range of offers enables you to optimize your generation assets on all electricity markets and unlock untapped revenue.

Your production assets

  • Onshore wind farm
  • Offshore wind farm
  • Hydroelectric plant
  • Ground-mounted solar farm
  • Solar rooftop or solar carport
  • Biomass plant
  • Biogas plant
  • Cogeneration plant
  • Waste-to-energy plant

Purchasing your electricity generation

Do you want to generate income from electricity generation and secure revenue when faced with market and weather fluctuations?

We have offers for assets larger than several MW.

Whether your installation is merchant or subsidized through a contract for difference, we offer turnkey services to generate income from production, capacity guarantee, green certificates and flexibility. We propose different kinds of PPAs* tailored to your requirements: fixed prices; Day-Ahead or futures market index prices, floors, short & long term, etc. (* Power Purchase Agreement)
Agregio helps you secure and optimize your revenue, in particular by generating income from your generation flexibility through ancillary services and tertiary reserve whilst respecting your constraints.

Delivery of renewable electricity

Do you want to sell renewable electricity to consumers and secure long-term revenue from your plant?

We offer renewable electricity management and delivery services by implementing Corporate PPAs* with consumers who want to purchase green electricity from local renewable producers. (* Power Purchase Agreement)
We also provide solutions that enable you to promote your local or specific guarantees of origin amongst consumers.
Our solutions provide insights into installation profitability. Agregio manages the synchronization of your generation and your counterparty’s consumption.

Generating added value from production flexibility

Do you want to generate added value from your capacity to halt or adjust power generation to benefit from additional revenue?

We offer turnkey services to strengthen your market position in terms of production flexibility whilst respecting your limitations: balancing mechanism, manuel frequency restoration reserve, demand-side response TSO tenders, ancillary services (frequency containment reserve and automatic frequency restoration reserve) and capacity market.

Société Générale and EDF sign the first contract for the supply of wind energy in the French banking sector
In signing a contract with EDF for the supply of wind energy, Societe Generale Group has become the first bank in France to sign a Power Purchase Agreement, and one of the first companies in France across all sectors.
Agregio signs a contract with JP Energie Environnement to aggregate its renewable output
Agregio is signing an exclusive framework aggregation contract for the projects being developed by JP Energie Environnement, a subsidiary of the Nass Group, which develops and runs wind farms and solar parks in France.

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