Are you a service sector or industrial electricity user who is considering decarbonization strategies, green energy procurement or demand response opportunities ? 

Bridging the gap between you and the energy markets, our range of offers enables you to optimize your generation and flexibility assets on all electricity markets and unlock untapped revenue.

Your assets / Your segment

  • Electricity-intensive process (electrolyses, electric furnaces)
  • Steel industry, Metal industry, Smelting
  • Glass process, Paper process
  • Cement industry, Quarry
  • Chemical industry
  • Liquid gas
  • Retail sector
  • Negative cold
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Food-processing sector
  • Water treatment system
  • Offices
  • Back-up systems
  • Cogeneration, steam turbines
  • Cooling networks
  • Local power generation assets
  • Electric vehicles charging stations

Power consuption flexibility

Do you want to get revenue for timely reduction or adjustment of your power consumption through Demand Response ?

We offer turnkey services to benefit from your flexible consumption whilst respecting your constraints and mitigating your risks. We participate in all available demand response programmes (capacity market, primary, secondary and tertiary reserves).

Renewable electricity delivery

Do you want to move towards more sustainable consumption by buying electricity from renewable electricity producers?

We offer a range of renewable electricity supply solutions via corporate PPAs* with renewable producers and premium green certificates solutions. We manage production variability to meet your consumption needs. Thanks to our electricity tracking tool, we monitor your renewable supply to help you reach your renewable electricity goals within your budget. (* Power Purchase Agreement) 
We also offer procurement solutions with specific guarantees of origin with regard to electricity generation sector or localness.

Self-generation and self-consumption

Do you want to generate income from surplus power generation?

We help striking a balance between self-consumption and reinjection on the grid to create market value. We buy back excess electricity produced without reinjection commitments at a range of prices based on your requirements, at fixed prices or market index prices.

Behind-the-meter energy storage

Do you want to optimize your storage assets’ (batteries or cold storage) potential flexibility whilst maintaining their main function as storage or backup?

We offer remuneration for your behind-the-meter storage assets by operating them across all flexibility markets and mechanisms.
Agregio can manage your storage assets remotely to enhance their operation based on market opportunities whilst respecting any onsite limitation.

Electric Vehicle flexibility

Do you want to generate added value from your electric vehicles’ flexibility and storage potential whilst optimizing recharge and prioritizing vehicle usage?

We can help you to make the most of your electric vehicles’ flexibility potential. 
Agregio helps to optimize the cost of recharging them based on market opportunities and to unlock untapped revenue from your electric vehicles’ flexibility.

Société Générale and EDF sign the first contract for the supply of wind energy in the French banking sector
In signing a contract with EDF for the supply of wind energy, Societe Generale Group has become the first bank in France to sign a Power Purchase Agreement, and one of the first companies in France across all sectors.

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