Do you have a background in energy markets, industrial processes, renewable energy generation or electrical systems ? 

We are currently recruiting across three main areas of business:

Business development

  • business developer

Business management

  • operation management engineer
  • trading risk management engineer
  • project manager

Technical profiles

  • product owner
  • software architect / data processing architect / IT strategist architect
  • software developer / IT developer
  • data scientist

Joining Agregio represents an opportunity to undertake a unique personal and entrepreneurial adventure on behalf of our clients. It also gives you the chance to contribute to the energy transition and make the energy of the future smarter and more local.

« Working at Agregio is a rewarding experience: you get the start-up feel of a small company within a large group. This means you work quite closely with other colleagues in a highly stimulating environment whilst benefiting from the ambition, tools and project scope of a group playing a key role in tackling the challenges associated with the energy of tomorrow. »

Rémi Roblot
Markets & Optimization Engineer

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